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Agreement to Mediate - This form outlines the basic structure and purpose of mediation, the role of the mediator, confidentiality of the process, and other basic information. A copy of this form must be signed for your case to be mediated.

Client Information Form - This form provides us with basic information about the parties, including your name, contact information, and your children's information (if applicable).

Screening Form - The screening form allows you to provide information essential to determining whether your case is right for mediation, and helps us to understand more about your specific and unique circumstances.

Divorce Mediation Information - Some basic information regarding divorce mediation--why you might want to consider mediation, and how the process works.

Assets, Liabilities, and Expenses List - This form will help you determine what assets and liabilities are at stake in your case and what expenses you should keep in mind moving forward. The better you understand your expectations, the better the mediator will be able to help both parties come to a resolution.

Child/Spousal Support Information - If your case involves the determination of child or spousal support, there is some documentation and information that will be required to mediate your case. This form lists that information and documentation.

Fee Schedule - Hourly fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on the combined income of the parties. This form provides fee information and a copy of the scale used to determine fees. Payment is expected at the time of service.

Private Mediation Checklist - This document lists the most common areas of dispute in domestic mediation cases.

Lawyer Referral Service - A list of links to area lawyer referral services to help you find an attorney.

Fairfax and Prince William Counties have produced information booklets to help pro se parties in court proceedings (pro se parties represent themselves without the assistance of attorneys). Please keep in mind, this serves as information only--if you live in a different county, you must determine if these guidelines with respect to the court’s procedures are the same in your county. These are informational tools, and it is always a good practice to obtain legal advice from counsel of your selection.

Prince William County information

Fairfax County information booklet

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