Our Staff


LawriecroppedLawrie Parker, Executive Director and Certified Mediator/Mentor/Trainer:  Mediating with PDRC since 1990
Career Background: Founder and Executive Director of PDRC (since 1990); current member of the Supreme Court of Virginia Dispute Resolution Advisory Council, including Mediator Complaint Panel and Ethics Committee; a founder and Board member of the Restorative Justice Association of Virginia.
Educational Background: B.A. Journalism, University of Michigan; MBA, University of Mary Washington, VA

SLT croppedSusan Lease-Trevathan, Services Director and Certified Mediator/Mentor: Mediating with PDRC since 1998
Career Background:  Former economist for the U.S. Department of Commerce.
Educational Background: B.A. Economics, State University of New York



Meryem GrammickMeryem Grammick, Services Director and Certified Mediator/Mentor/Trainer: Mediating with PDRC since 2012. RJ Facilitator since 2011.
Career Background: Former business owner of online retail store and video production facility. Taught Turkish Language for US Startalk Program.
Educational Background: BA Psychology, George Mason University, VA


No Photo Provided: Lisa Kearney Owens, Administrative Assistant
Career Background: Former court reporter for Fauquier County and surrounding areas.
Educational Background: BS Biology, University of Virginia