PDRC’s Accomplishments & Milestones
1990: Opened office in Warrenton as satellite of Rappahannock Mediation Center with space donated by Robert G. ‘Bob’ Sowder.
1991-93: Trained citizens as mediators for parent-teen, landlord-tenant, consumer-merchant, and contract disputes. Received charter, non-profit status and officially became Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center.
1994: Received first of three years of ‘seed money’ from the Virginia Law Foundation.
1995: Provided training and consultation for Fauquier County Public Schools’ county-wide peer mediation program. Played an integral role in Culpeper County’s Welfare Reform Program by designing and conducting a job readiness training for welfare clients entitled Managing Conflict in the Workplace.
1996: Expanded office space from one to three rooms and volunteer mediator corps to meet growing needs. Expanded its job readiness Welfare Reform training to Orange County. Conducted a class approved by the Virginia Supreme Court and the Virginia State Bar on negotiation skills for lawyers and mediators.
1997: Conducted Conflict/Anger Management Classes for the Fauquier Alternative School and the Culpeper Options Program. Hosted a County-Wide Peer Mediation Forum attended by 350 student mediators, program coordinators, and school administrators. Sponsored the first annual Peace-ing It Together essay/art contest for student mediators in Fauquier Schools. Trained student mediators in Rappahannock County. Expanded Job Readiness Class for Madison County. Received a Virginia Law Foundation grant for In-Court Mediation Programs in Fauquier and Culpeper General District Courts.
1998: Developed an employee mediation program for Fauquier County government employees. Doubled the number of mediation cases from the previous year. Recruited and trained new mediators and restorative justice facilitators for its expanding programs.
1999: Received a grant which was extended for three years to develop a Neutral Case Evaluation Program for Fauquier County Circuit Court. Conducted specialized training on cultural awareness for the Community Leadership Training Program sponsored by the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce. Forged new partnerships in community policing/community mediation with the Fauquier Sheriff’s Office and the Warrenton Town Police.
2000: Received federal grant for restorative justice program for juvenile offenders. Executive Director appointed to Supreme Court of Virginia’s commission that developed standards for the Unauthorized Practice of Law in Mediation.  A Center volunteer mediator was elected president of the statewide Virginia Mediation Network.
2001: Partnered with the University of Virginia’s Institute for Environmental Negotiation to facilitate public regional vision meetings. Executive Director received an award from the Supreme Court of Virginia for Outstanding Achievement in Community Mediation. She was also appointed to the prestigious Virginia Supreme Court’s Dispute Resolution Advisory Council.
2002: Adopted a dynamic strategic planning vision. Executive Director represented Virginia as a facilitator for 9/11 victims in New York City’s Listening to the City Project.
2003: Initiated its Community Solutions Program for public issues and disputes. Restorative Justice Services Director and Executive Director named to Board of newly formed Restorative Justice Association of Virginia. Received a CADRE grant to develop and implement a youth dialogue project.
2004:  Became an associate partner with the University of Virginia’s Institute for Environmental Negotiation’s newly established Virginia Solutions program.
2005:  Received an Edward R. Byrne Memorial grant administered through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services to expand its Restorative Justice (RJ) Services program to adult offenders and victims of adult crimes.  Initiated a series of RJ dialogues to better serve various communities: Latino, African-American, business, faith, schools, medical & mental health.
2006:  Moved into larger offices on Main Street in Warrenton.  Received continued funding of the Byrne grant, and contributions from The Jesse & Rose Loeb Foundation, O’Shaughnessy-Hurst Memorial Foundation, Inc., and Synago Corp.  Restorative Justice expanded to Culpeper and Orange Counties.
Received continuation of a grant ($60,120) from the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to fully develop an adult restorative justice (RJ) program for Fauquier County. From July 2006 – June 2007, the program doubled its caseload as well as continuing its service to juvenile offenders.
Students at Fauquier and Liberty high schools in Fauquier County were trained in peer mediation.
Relocated to a building in Old Town Warrenton owned by Joyce and Bill Fendley. The new space has more offices to better serve the public.
Eight mediators trained by the State Corporation Commission for its underground utility mediation program.
DCJS granted a third year of funding for the adult RJ program.
A grant from the Virginia Law Foundation provides mediation program enhancement. PDRC will collaborate with the Fauquier Bar Association to host a workshop for attorneys and mediators on sharpening their negotiation skills.
RJ Services Director Liliana Anaya received an international diploma in restorative justice at Kingston University in Toronto, Canada.
Fauquier General District Court Judge Charles B. Foley and PDRC’s executive director conducted an RJ presentation at the mandatory general district court judges conference in August.
2007: Staff active in Virginia Supreme Court Mentoring, Judicial and Ethics projects.  Continued  funding/growth for adult Restorative Justice.  Synargo sponsored peer mediation at Fauquier & Liberty High Schools.  Virginia Law Foundation funded mediation program expansion.
2008: Executive Director appointed to Virginia Supreme Court committee to revise mediator ethics. Co-authored RJ legislation. Working It Out Column in Fauquier weekly newspaper. Provided services to Prince William Office of Dispute Resolution (PWC ODR). Continued federal funding for RJ. Trained in Military Mediation for returning Iraqi and Afghanistan veterans. Spearheaded statewide bi-lingual mediation DVD. Funding from O’Shaughnessy-Hurst Memorial Foundation, Inc., Emmanuel Episcopal Church, anonymous donors.
2009: Received PWC ODR service contract.  Expanded services to Stafford JDR Court.  Loeb Foundation technology grant.  Trained youth mediators at Liberty High & girl scouts in Manassas.  Retirement of longtime mediation services director Maria Hyson who was recognized by the Fauquier Bar Association.  Trained more mediators and RJ facilitators.  Internal staff reorganization to reflect service expansion and economic issues.
2010: Celebrated 20th Anniversary.  Renewed PWC ODR service contract.  Received Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Approval Certificate to offer state tax credits for donations received.  Conducted two-day RJ training and 20 hour basic mediation training for new volunteers.  Received grant from The Jesse & Rose Loeb Foundation for document management.  Executive Director named by Virginia Lawyers Weeky as one of 50 “Influential Women of Virginia” and also appointed as president of RJAV.
2011: Started 21st year of service! Renewed PWC ODR service contract. Received Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Approval Certificate to offer state tax credits for donations received for the second year in a row.  Conducted 20 hour basic mediation training for new volunteers in Fredericksburg, VA. Added several new mediators to our cadre of volunteers. Expanded services to Stafford and Spotsylvania general district courts.
2012: Started 22nd year of service! Renewed PWC ODR service contract. Received Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Approval Certificate for the third year in a row.  Started “Learn from the Experts” Breakfast Seminar Series. Served over 6,000 individuals through all our programs. Was honored with the completion of three community collaborative quilts, The Piece by Peace Quilts, created by Fauquier County Public School students and the Fauquier County Quilters to honor and celebrate the Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center’s 20th Year Anniversary (1990-2010) Held a successful fundraiser: Barbeque and Bluegrass at beautiful Crockett Park.
2013: Started 23rd year of service! Renewed PWC ODR service contract. Received Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Approval Certificate for the fourth year in a row. Served 6,900 individuals through all our programs. Conducted 20 hour basic mediation training for new volunteers in Prince William County, VA. Received a grant from the Jesse & Rose Loeb Foundation. Trained and mentored new mediators to better serve our communities. Lawrie Parker provided guidance and mentoring to a high school student who researched and wrote about bullying. PDRC staff and board members volunteered at a local food drive to help the needy. Held another successful fundraiser at Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, VA. Printed a set of beautiful “Peace” Cards featuring the quilts from the Piece by Peace Quilt project in 2012.
2014: Started 24th year of service! Received PWC ODR service contract to administer mediation and restorative justices services in Prince William County. Received Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Approval Certificate for the fifth year in a row. Served over 7,000 individuals through all our programs.  Trained and mentored new mediators. Taught peer mediation skills to elementary school students in Claude Thompson and M.M. Pierce Elementary Schools in Fauquier County. The students were thrilled to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully and help their fellow students.
2015: We’re very proud to say we entered our 25th Year of Service to the Communities We Serve.  To celebrate, we held a successful anniversary event at Prince Michel Winery in Leon, VA which featured entertainment by They Call Me Piano and a silent auction. Contract was renewed to provide services to Prince William County Office of Dispute Resolution. Received the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Approval for the sixth year in a row. This will enable us to offer VA tax credits to individuals and businesses who donate to PDRC. This was a busy year as far as training others in mediation and restorative practices. Lawrie Parker and Meryem Grammick trained Alexandria Public School Educators in Restorative Practices and Restorative Circles and Fauquier County Public School Educators and Staff in Restorative Justice Conferences. We held two 20-Hour Basic Mediation Training sessions in January and September and also an 8-Hour Elder Mediation Training. We served over 7,580 people through all our programs. Received a grant from the Jesse & Rose Loeb Foundation to upgrade our computer systems.
2016: We entered our 26th year of service! Received a JAMS/National Association for Community Mediation grant to help improve relations between the Warrenton Police Department and the local African-American and Hispanic communities.  We held a poster art contest through Fauquier County Schools called Think, Act, Spread Kindness. Long time, esteemed Restorative Justice Coordinator in the PWODR office, Dr. James Peal, retired. Taught a six-week conflict resolution skills to children at Fauquier Boys and Girls Club’s summer program. Continued to provide restorative justice and community circles training for Alexandria City Public Schools. Took over the court mediation program and started providing court-ordered orientation/mediation services to Loudoun County Juvenile Domestic and Relations Court. Thanks to Executive Director, Lawrie Parker, Virginia Mediation Network, Virginia Association for Community Conflict Resolution and the Virginia Bar Association, legislation was passed to increase funding for juvenile court mediations; the first increase in 20+ years.  Held the first of monthly Co-Parenting Classes.  Lawrie Parker was a co-presenter in for a workshop on restorative justice in schools at a state-wide conference, Classrooms Not Courtrooms, held in Richmond. Worked with Fauquier County Schools on Restorative Justice Grant to teach restorative justice principles in the schools. Participated in Restorative Justice Toolkit for the National Big Brothers Big Sisters project.  The Mediation Services Coordinator, of The Office of Dispute Resolution in Prince William County that is administered by PDRC, began facilitating general district court mediation observations with students from George Mason University.
2017: Conducted a very well received one-day conflict resolution training with law enforcement and Warrenton citizens.