Testimonials from Our Mediation Clients

These are all actual comments received–We love the work we do!  This makes us proud!

The mediator was extremely helpful. She made this process very easy going. If I could, I would recommend her to others.
Best mediation service we every had!
I felt comfortable speaking to her and proceeding with our case.
Our mediator was very polite, welcoming to talk to. He explained everything clearly to us–was a pleasure.
From an attorney: Mediator was adaptable to unusual circumstances and did an excellent job facilitating meaningful discussion. While the parties didn’t reach an agreement, the parties certainly discussed important topics that may result in an agreement.
Mediator was awesome!
Super happy with results, services rendered.
Mediation helped us get to a point of agreement that is best for our son.

The mediator was very pleasant and made me feel calm during this process.
Our mediator was extremely helpful in defusing any possible discord before it ever happened.

Smooth process.
Was well done. I felt both parties were able to discuss and explain what we need.
Our mediator was very professional. It was a pleasure working with her.
She made the vibe in the room relaxed. I didn’t feel any pressure or discomfort.
He was able to help resolve all issues with a fair mediation process. Some ideas were used to come to a  mutual agreement. He was very kind. I would highly recommend his services to other couples in similar situations.

The mediator was fair and respectful.
I thank the mediator for her kindness and understanding.
Was very good at explaining our options and made this a really good experience.
The process I experienced is much more preferred than going to court. Both parties were heard and the issues were addressed appropriately. All matters involving our son were resolved in one session.
It went very well. Calm environment and easy to come to an agreement. Mediator was very helpful in walking us through the process.
Mediator was wonderful! She made me feel comfortable and calm.  She was absolutely terrific!
The session was very professional.
Great experience.  She is a great lady!
Needed mediation–it was good to determine our differences.
It was very good to try but sorry we couldn’t come up with an agreement.
Mediator was very helpful and could tell she wanted the best for our child.  Wish it could have helped us stay out of court.  Wanted a good outcome, but we just couldn’t agree.
Well done–everyone wins.  Thank you!
Made an uncomfortable situation much easier to process.  Very pleased.
I appreciate this process.  It helped make this stressful situation much more fair and easy to deal with.
All is solved as we have agreed to work out this situation.
She was very attentive and helpful.
Very helpful. Thank you.
The mediator is very useful, the mediation went very well.
Thank you for your help!

It was helpful to discuss all issues together for the best outcome.
Our mediator was a voice of reason today. He helped us come to an agreement amicably.
The mediator was fair. He listened well and interceded when necessary. Things went smoothly.
Initially, I was unsure about the process but we worked out more today than we had in months as far as our child (sic).
We appreciate the opportunity to have a level-headed party involved to handle our situation.
Great facilitator that made all issues clear and easy to understand and follow. Kept the meeting rolling at a good pace and took care of all questions!
Would use our mediator again! She was great! Thank you.
He was very understanding and helpful with things he had to say.
It gave us the opportunity to work things out. Things went well and our issues were resolved.
Great, accomplished everything I wanted with regard to my child.
Controlled environment made it easier to talk to each other without emotions being involved. Peaceful way to agree and very peaceful environment.
Didn’t think we would come to an agreement and mediator was tremendous help on engaging conversation.
A third party was much needed in our situation. It helped us have an understanding and the importance of what’s needed for the children’s sake.