RJ Testimonials

Testimonials from Restorative Justice Participants

Adult Offenders

I was satisfied because I learned that if I use my bad skills in a good way I can be very successful.

I feel this conference has helped me get the stress of what I had done off my chest.

It makes you see who all was affected by your choices.

I was relieved that everyone was so positive.  They got  the feeling across that they really did care and wanted to see me on the right track.  Thank you!!

I realized the impact my acts had on others.

I believe it was extremely useful and believe it should be used for more cases.

I was dreading it; I thought I was going to be judged but it was an extremely positive atmosphere.

I feel that I have learned a lot from this conference.  I have learned who the true victims are.

Juvenile Offenders

I enjoyed talking about this even after two years.  I got a lot of pain out of my chest.  I’m very happy with the outcome.  And I thank you for taking the opportunity to talk to me about it.

I think this class is very helpful and I understand what I did was a big mistake and I’ve learned what I did was wrong.

It helped me realize how I affected myself and others.

Community Representatives

I believe the offender has thought about the offense and taken steps to help himself.

Offender had thought things through very well and articulated his remorse and understanding of all the consequences both to the victim, himself and others.

Glad to know the offender was willing to write a letter of apology and accepted responsibility for his actions.

I was very concerned because this case involved a domestic violence situation and I thought it could actually lead to further violence if we weren’t careful.  However, the hostility abated and led to some really positive problem solving.