The Center uses community mediators trained in facilitating multi-party disputes to help with issues that can tear a community or organization apart. Examples of disputes suitable for a mediated resolution include land use, organizational change, and management issues. In 2001 Virginia’s community mediation centers received a grant from the Hewlett Foundation to organize local processes for collaborative community solutions.
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Community Solutions Program
Many of America’s communities struggle to address complex issues critical to their environmental, social and economic health. Public officials and civic-minded community members find few forums that bring people together to seek common and higher ground; indeed, the formal structure of public hearings and judicial and administrative appeals often exacerbates rather than resolves conflict.

In response to the need for effective and inclusive decision-making processes, Virginia’s community mediation centers have developed a Community Solutions program.

Homeowners Associations and Neighborhood Mediation
Mediation provides neighbors an opportunity to speak, listen, and work together to resolve conflicts and repair relationships. Issues may include noise, restricted covenants, boundaries, pets, parking, and many others.

Community Policing/Community Mediation Program
When law enforcement is called to quell a disturbance, the situation may not warrant arrests. This program is a resource to police in helping citizens resolve a myriad of conflicts including neighborhood disputes where traditional adversarial dispute resolution methods such as litigation may only exacerbate the conflict.

The program also provides specialized workshops during which police and citizens learn problem-solving skills together and improve their relationships.

For information on any of the above services please e-mail or call  540-347-6650.