Families & Individuals

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Mediation is a proven and successful process in which a neutral person facilitates communication between two or more people in disagreement.  Mediation can be especially helpful in family and other situations in which a continued relationship is desired because mediation is designed to end with a win/win solution.  This helps parties continue their relationship as both are involved in the process and the decisions that are made.  Mediation can also be helpful because it allows for details to be discussed that might otherwise be overlooked.

Mediation for families and individuals cover issues related to:

Custody/Visitation                                                  Child Support
Spousal Support                                                        Parent/Teen
Landlord/Tenant                                                     Elder Care
Estate                                                                            Neighbor
Divorce                                                                        Property Settlement Agreements

Family Mediation Program
It is not easy to keep your life under control during this difficult time. This mediation program helps families resolve conflicts that arise concerning separation or divorce including custody and visitation matters, child and spousal support, property and debts.

Mediators help couples separate from their spousal role, which is ending, and work on their parental role, which is continuing. They help people examine their situation in terms of their interests and needs. The parties gather relevant information and then discuss and propose settlement options. The mediation process encourages meaningful communication so everyone’s goals can be thoroughly addressed. This enables parties to make decisions that allow each person to realize a positive result.

Signed agreements reached in cases referred by the juvenile courts are sent directly to the court. In attorney, private, or circuit court referred cases a Memorandum of Understanding is written and may be incorporated into the separation/divorce documents through appropriate legal procedure.

Parent-Teen Mediation Program
This program provides a way for parents and teens to work out difficulties in a safe, private and confidential atmosphere with the help of specially trained mediators.

Mediation helps family members talk to each other and come up with their own solutions. Mediators don’t take sides or tell people what to do. They listen and help families reach agreements that are fair for everyone. Typical issues addressed in mediation are conflicts about school, friends, discipline, truancy and other family disputes.

Elder Care Mediation Program
Our Elder Mediation and Decision-Making Program provides a safe, private place and neutral facilitators for family members to discuss and resolve difficult issues facing them.  Some of the areas we can address are safety, mobility, independence, guardianship, automobile driving, modifications to the home, moving and downsizing, physical and mental changes, estate planning and distribution and caregiver’s responsibilities.

Conflicts with neighbors, siblings and family members, public agencies, senior centers, nursing homes, assisted living centers, landlords and healthcare providers can also be mediated.

For information on any of the above services please e-mail pdrc@verizon.net or call