Separation & Divorce

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As of December 1, 2020, PDRC’s private divorce and separation mediation service will not be available. However, we will update this site as soon as we resume service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you.

PDRC offers private mediation services to people who want the opportunity to settle their differences in a peaceful and collaborative    manner rather than through more litigious – and generally expensive – means.

As part of its service to the community, PDRC offers mediation in the areas family/relationship conflicts – divorce including custody, visitation, and related parenting matters, child and spousal support and division of marital property, including the preparation of agreements – prenuptial, separation, and reconciliation. What specifically is available to the participants?

• A safe place for the parties to engage in discussions and work through the issues involving their specific family needs.
• A voluntary non-adversarial process that invites participation by all parties and allows each to speak and each to be heard.
• Trained neutral mediators, who meet with the parties and help them find ways to resolve their differences in a manner that works for their family.
• A sliding scale fee schedule based on the parties’ income
• A confidential setting that offers the parties an opportunity to actively explore the best options that relate to their specific circumstances.
and, perhaps the best part for your family …
• An opportunity to avoid court intervention with accompanying stress, expensive legal and related fees, and lead to an outcome that brings an unsatisfactory and/or unworkable result.

PDRC mediators do not provide legal advice or file any legal documents prepared in the course of private mediation. PDRC encourages clients to involve their attorneys and other professionals as they deem necessary.  In attorney, private, or circuit court referred cases a Memorandum of Understanding is written and may be incorporated into the separation/divorce documents through appropriate legal procedure.

All PDRC’s circuit court mediators are certified by the Judicial Council of the Supreme Court of Virginia to accept referrals from circuit courts in either civil or family cases. Beyond their basic mediation training, they have completed advanced training in handling complex issues and multiple parties. Profiles of our Circuit Court mediators can be found on this website under our Mediators tab.

If you select PDRC, we will conduct a no-cost orientation at which time you and the other party will learn more about mediation and decide whether it is a service that would be helpful.

Here is some helpful information: Click here to go to the  Virginia State Bar  website for provide answers to questions concerning divorce and separation in Virginia.

For information on any of the above services please e-mail or call 540-347-6650.