Court Approved Parenting Class silouhette 2018Co-Parenting Training–NEXT CLASS IS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2018
FROM 9 A.M. TO 1 P.M.   Classes are free, but you must pre-register for this class.
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PDRC is now on the Supreme Court of Virginia’s list of trainers certified to teach Parenting Classes! Contact us to find out if you are eligible to attend this informative parenting class for FREE.  Classes are usually held on the last Saturday of the month from 9am-1pm and will cover the following:
The effects of separation and divorce on children and families; the impact of parental conflict on children; how to improve parenting skills; developmental stages of children; parenting responsibilities; options for conflict resolution and parental financial responsibilities.

Here are some comments from our class participants:

Question: What were the most helpful aspects of the course?

How to co-parent. Stay focused on the child and not the past.
The video was very informative. Focusing on communication is very helpful as well.
Communication, putting the child first no matter what, always think about
the child, put yourself in their shoes.
All of it. Very helpful. I love the video also.
Learning how to calm yourself and reflect on what the bigger picture is for your child.
Techniques for communicating.
Just sitting there and hearing the others talk.

This 20-Hour interactive course teaches practical, effective mediation skills applicable in general district court and many arenas and is great training for anyone interested in conflict resolution. Participants will learn and practice key skills in conflict resolution, interest-based negotiations, reflective listening, facilitation, and structured problem-solving.
The course is approved by the Division of Dispute Resolution Services, Supreme Court of Virginia for general district court mediator certification. It is offered approximately two times a year. Please contact us at 540-347-6650 for future dates if it is not listed here.

Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center offers training and workshops for individuals, businesses, and certified mediators. Click here for an example of our mentoring and guidance opportunities for students.
Community Circles and Restorative Practices Training
PDRC offers one to two day trainings for Community and Restorative Circles.  We have worked extensively with Alexandria City Public Schools to train their staff to include principals, assistant principals, school counselors, teachers and others in this highly affective alternative to zero tolerance policies which have proved to be highly ineffective in reducing misbehavior.
Some comments from the classes:
“The peer mediation training taught me how to help other students resolve conflict before it gets to violence.  This program is the best.  Thank you.”
“Excellent trainers and training . . . practical and engaging.”
“An excellent and comprehensive presentation.”
“Very informative! Far beyond my expectations”
“Best ethical dilemmas in a training.

Continuing Mediation Education
PDRC offers continuing mediation education classes to assist our mediators in networking with and learning from other mediators, sharpening our skills and obtaining the necessary hours for recertification. There is no charge for active PDRC volunteers. The fee for mediators not affiliated with PDRC typically costs approximately $35 per class.
For information on any of the above services please e-mail or call  Lawrie Parker at 540-347-6650.

Here is a letter that was sent to from one of the attendees of Elder Mediation Training held on September 24, 2015.
September 28, 2015 · OPINION
“Thank you, Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center”
By Paulette Johnson
Fredericksburg, Virginia
It is with deep appreciation that I offer thanks to the Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center, under the direction of Lawrie Parker, executive director.
Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the eight-hour workshop, “Fundamentals of Elder Mediation and Decision-Making,” at the beautiful visitor center in Warrenton.
I am a new resident of Virginia, having relocated from New York state after living there 40 years. The halls and walls of the visitor center served as wonderful backdrop, showcasing the rich traditions of Warrenton and people behind them.
I appreciate so much being afforded the opportunity to attend this training. I am eager to learn and serve the better interests of the community of elders and their very concerned caregivers.
The average middle-aged adult now has more parents and in-laws than children. And as these baby boomers age and government resources diminish, more and more of the responsibilities of eldercare will fall upon families. Given these realities, most families will eventually be facing the kinds of challenges and stresses that can lead to conflict and create obstacles to reasoned decision-making.
Additionally, an estimated 5.3 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease. Of those, 5.1 million are 65 ore older.
It is imperative that we fully embrace the work of the Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center. The center is answering the call for our communities to meet the demands of our ever-changing society by offering training for elder mediators. These opportunities to learn and grow provide a delivery of care grounded in the principles of preserving people’s emotional health.