Training Reviews

What Some of Our Trainees are Saying about PDRC’s Courses
Lawrie Parker is an excellent instructor.
Excellent course!  Thank you, Lawrie.
1.5 hours is brief, the course is condensed from 8 hrs.  For the time spent, a great deal of information covered.
It was “just right” for a 1.5 hour training.
In response to the question: In your opinion, what were the most helpful aspects of the course?
Raising my awareness of multi-generational issues to a degree I had not considered as discrete factors in the mediation process.
Class participation and shared experiences.
Being made aware of the issues
Awareness how to be a better mediator.
Material, instructor’s encouragement of group conversation.
Good discussion that generated knowledge–honest interchange that had value.
Succinct and accurate observations of generational differences in values and views.